The owners and managers of Binarit Information Technology Plc. are devoted to a sustainable business growth.

This growth could not be maintained without the loyal and professionally trained colleagues working for the company.

Therefore Human resource management constitutes a key area of the company.

This growth could not be maintained without the loyal and professionally trained colleagues working for the company.

We launch various programs which – in addition to the performance based salary – will also increase satisfaction of the employees, and contribute to their individual success.

We offer

Challenging, independent and interesting tasks

We want to create circumstances in which our colleagues are directly aware of the value and importance of their work in the success of the company. To support this objective we encourage our employees to carry out their high quality activity in an increasingly independent manner. We strive to offer challenging and interesting job to our colleagues which is in line with their level of experience.

Performance-based wages

We do believe that outstanding performance must be rewarded also in financial terms. This is why wage increases are in line with the professional development of the colleagues.

Advanced individual training courses, group training

The development of the company and our employees goes hand in hand. Our colleagues regularly take part during working hours in financially assisted training courses and internal training and we are also open to concluding learning agreements according to negotiated terms and conditions with employees wishing to participate in further education. Young colleague starting their career are supported by the assigned mentors who promote their professional advancement.

Continuous language training

A good knowledge of English is indispensable for participation in our international projects, which is promoted through on location individual and small group training offered.

System of fringe benefits

We take part in joint sport activities in the frame of health programmes (e.g. relay and individual running, cycling and various room sports). Relaxation is provided during the working hours by playing darts, with soft drinks and fruit days. Regular heath screening programs are also organized from time to time.

Career management

By way of mapping the skills and ambitions of our colleagues individual career paths may be formulated. Professional training courses are aligned with our internal rotation programme and with career advancement opportunities. Advancement of the carreer-starter young colleagues is supported with free technical books and mentor system.

Friendly workplace atmosphere and and lively team -building programmes

Open communication and friendly everyday circumstances play an important role in that our staff turns into a team, which is promoted by joint games and sports and lively company dinners We organize regular company dinners, celebrations (at Christmas or Easter), outdoor programs, parties, LAN-parties go-kart races and other programmes.

Participation in our social responsibility programme

Our social responsibility includes activities beyond our core business, that we carry out as business enterprise to the benefit of the society. In the past years we have elaborated a system which we operate with pleasure and develop on continuous basis.

We focus our activities on four areas:


As service providers we focus on high quality, safety of supply, customer orientation and fair competition and in these efforts we rely on the cooperation of our colleagues.


Our objectives include environmental protection, waste management and decrease of CO2 emmission.

With a view to the above, our headquarters can be accessed easily by public transport, storing facility is also provided for bicycles. When selecting our equipment we devote special attention to reduction of the burden on environment In the frame of our environmental programme we use recycled paper and collect waste selectively.


At the workplace we provide professional training courses to the colleagues, promote labour safety and equal opportunities, and organize lively social programmes.

In this spirit we have set up a technical library, launched a mentor program, language and training programs. The equipment were selected by bearing in mind the considerations of ergonomics and the special requirements as well. We organize labour safety and health training programs on regular basis, and also offer medical screening. We devote special attention to the carrier-starters, elderly employees and parents with children, which are important pillars of our equal opportunities programme. In addition to the Christmas and Easter feasts – which look back to a long history – our workplace activities also include sports and other events that bring into movement the whole community.


With our community programs we focus on the children and young colleagues and promote IT education.

As a community we are committed to provide support to those in underprivileged position. Therefore we take part from time to time in the donation programs and support schools and nurseries with equipment. Great majority of our company programmes is organized around family events, and we also organize special events specifically to the children of our colleagues.