GIRO Gateway

Project Description

GIRO Zrt. will cease its GID/FIROXNet2 service on 4th April 2011. From this day, the GIROHáló data transfer mode will be used.





Is your IT system already prepared for this change?

The solution is Binarit.Gateway application.

Benefits of application

  • no need to change the bank back-end System
  • well established, working System
  • flexibly configurable
  • high performance, robust, stabil

Main functions

  • Handling multiple services (GIRO, Ingraday GIRO, KHR)
  • Handling independent down and uploading threads in parameterizable numbers
  • Handling ZIP compression (normal and special BISZ mode too)
  • Handling signatures per channels
  • Handling service availability (open time)


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  • Handling reserve (Continuity of Business) line automatically
  • Handling numerous large files without problems
  • Service status monitoring, possibility of intervention by operators
  • Configuration management under the four-eye principle
  • Operation logging management
  • Error handling (even with sending e-mails)


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