SMS Gateway

Tömeges SMS-küldés, mobil applikáció

Project Description

SMS messaging is an excellent channel of communication providing fast access, which is suitable for giving immediate notice to the clients and provides mass access to potential clients in campaigns.





Sending mass sms in controlled and regulated manner?


   The solution is Binarit.SMSGateway application.

Benefits of application

  • manage multiple mobile operators (with disaster-tolerating abilities)
  • send and receive individual and mass (marketing) sms (matching)
  • high level of configuration option
  • robust layout, documented, high performance
  • established, operating System


Main functions

Technical functions

  •  a number of IP-based SMS operators are managed (at the moment T -Mobile and Vondafone)
  • GSM modem management (as backup service)
  • Several parallel channels are managed toward an operator (distributed according to message type, priority)
  • windowing application (several messages in one packet)
  • standard interface for external systems
  • high capacity (at the moment over 60 thousand sms per day)


Message management functions

  •  prioritizing and blocking on the basis of external system message type
  • channel definition on the basis of type-priority-regional code, (mask) exception list
  • type definition on the basis of message text (template-based)
  • message validity time on the basis of type-priority (while it can be sent out)
  • messaging period, ban on the basis of the messaging system-message-type-phone number
  • specify the messaging system capabilities, type, priorities, validity period
  • options of deleting, suspending the pending sms
  • manage template-based marketing sms
  • matching response sms according to content, forward to the call System


Advanced monitoring System

  •  automatic switching (-over and back) between live and backup lines (also to GDM modem)
  • indication of disturbance (e.g. high priority sms are blocked)
  • indication of large number of pending sms
  • flexible reporting system (also for scheduled reports)


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