Ipari karbantartás támogató szoftver, CMMS, Lean, TPM, termelékenység- és karbantartásfejlesztés

Project Description

The software is capable of managing data of technical objects and maintenance. It’s built on web-technology, accessible from anywhere, any time, even from smartphones or through PDA. As there is no need to buy a server to run it, you can use it cost-effectively at places also where only paper-based records were available.





Does your company have transparent, reliable statement?


The solution is Binarit.TOM application.


Benefits of application

  • multi-level device-hierarchy, system map
  • relations between devices
  • create maintenance plan
  • run, generate, schedule maintenance tasks
  • print countertops, digital worktops
  • record costs


  • CAPA support
  • list and manage tasks
  • online reports
  • attach electronic documents
  • smartphone and tablet optimized run and support
  • possibility of software rent

Main functions

Record devices
Features, documations, measurement parameters (insturments only), hierarchy, costs, project, ownership, location, maintenance plans, periods

System map
The diagram displays the hierarchy of devices, which can trace whether the system is operational or not

Attachment of electronic documents
The technical objects, maintenance tasks, electronic documents (manuals, guides, calibration protocols, digital photos) can be attached.

Join to production lines
The application can communicate with the production lines, maintenance tasks are generated after the detected events.

Activity List (Operator-tasks)
List of maintenance processes that require intervention (scheduling/execution) Every colleague gets a warning according to the role he or she is in.

User Administration
When adding new users or edit existing ones, roles can be set such as: maintenance, department manager, technical director, assistants, etc..

Edit Lists
The device features in most cases are in comboboxes. The comboboxes can be edited freely. (assets category, type, area of operation, resolution, range, projects, departments, etc.).

Worksheet management
Worksheet can be generated from one or more maintenance tasks, which operates the complex to administer maintenance. It can be stored in the application when scanned.

Digital Worksheets
If wireless internet is available int he service area, the maintainers can administrate the maintainance activity via mobile device (tablet).

Queries and reports
Predefined queries can be run. The query results can be sent to printer or xls, and can be exported to PDF format as well.

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