EBT szoftver, banki szoftver, egyedi szoftverfejlesztés

Project Description

In 2012 the Parliament passed amendment of Act XCII of 2003 on the rules of taxation. Based on the legislation the credit and financial institutions will receive any communication from NAV (the tax authority) and respond it electronically.





Is your IT system already prepared for this change?

The solution is Binarit.EBT application.

Benefits of application

  • implements the required NAV KKK2 communication
  • provides for the NAV VHR message-based communication used currently
  • Supports the authentication service available in Hungary

  • standard interface for back-end systems
  • provides for in-time response to the queries
  • established, operating system

Main functions

  • using the NAV KKK2 communications channel
  • Support to the Hungarian authentication service provider, time stamp management
  • User interface for responding to requests
  • Workflow based, full scale data maintenance
  • Escalation chain with setting option(e.g. pending questions)
  • Generate letters of notification
  • Standard interface for back-end Systems
  • Role-based authentication System


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