KPKNY Díjmentes készpénzfelvételi nyilatkozatok központi nyilvántartását támogató szoftver

Project Description

According to Act CLXXXIX of 2013 on the amendment of Pft after 1 February 2014 free cash withdrawal is provided twice in a month up to the limit of HUF 150 thousand from a bank account specified by private individuals. The customer must announce at the main bank the bank account from which they make free cash withdrawal.





The new regulation is applicable for the institutions providing banking services. The declarations on cash withdrawal are managed by Central Credit Information Plc. (KHR) while the Central Inventory (KPKNY) system designed for recording the consumer statements on free cash withdrawals is also managed by BISZ Loan Information Plc. Like KHR, the system allows for reporting automatically or via the web page. Automatic reporting is made by sending and receiving XML files encrypted with GIROLock certificate, sent and received on the GIRONet.

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    The solution is Binarit.KPKNY application.

Benefits of applicationi

  • Maintenance of cash withdrawal statements of own customers (on the interface and on the page with limited functionality)
  • BIS notification transactions management (querying changes of cash withdrawal statements related to customer with valid statements, and implementing changes on the basis of queries)
  • Cash statement reports management
  • Manage own cash declaration reports
  • Initial uploads of cash declarations of own customers


The application gets easily connected to any data-based Giro.Access.Gateway, but where necessary our company may provide its Binarit.GIROGateway product which successfully passed the GIRO tests


Read more about Binarit.GiroGateway product!

Main functions

  • Giro operation without ID card
  • Local feedback on own data (free queries, change management)
  • Local storing of the business (third party ) data (when a new request is submitted either a new query is made or local data are used, which is free)
  • Check the data for correctness
  • An interface that can be accessed from the internal network through the browser
  • standard interfaces for existing systems
  • Role based authentication System


We provide full-scale GIRONet KPKNY support during implementation of the application.

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