Project Description

Our online timesheet focuses on the work actually carried out. Instead of estimated work hours, the timesheet is based on detailed and accurate real time data.





Are you still using an activity management system based on ex-post declarations?

  The solution is Binarit.TIMESHEET application.

  It enables managers to create a more efficent organisational operation with the involvment of team members.

Benefits of application

  • Workplace processes are more transparent, administration is simpler.
  • Provides continuous feedback to employees and managers.
  • Supports the planning of tasks and expected costs as well as the optimisation of work processes and resources.
  • Supports the estimation of remaining expenditure and the calculation of the level of readiness.
  • The evaluation of the delivery can be based on facts, accurate and detailed data are available concerning the real expenditures.
  • The two-tier approval system creates the opportunity (even for the client) to finalise the entered events.

Main functions

      • Customisable based on work processes and structures.

      • Two-directional communication channels ensure connection with the existing systems and project management tools (SAP, MS Project, etc.).

      • The user-friendly interface provides quick and easy usage for all types of users.

      • The registration of an activity can take place manually or automatically, by starting a support program[DS1]

      • Data are entered real time through the Internet; if there is no online connection available, data can be entered or modified at a later point in time.

      • The built-in reports, statistics and the customised reports support the retrospective analysis and evaluation, and future planning.

      • Furthermore, it can serve as a basis for financial settlements.


Download flyer or visit  www.timesheet.hu for more information about our software!

  • In the system settings, the various levels of authorisation can be defined, absences and replacements. Furthermore the language can also be individually defined.
  • It gives the opportunity for the decision-making manager to increase efficiency, optimise costs and to strengthen clients’ trust.
  • It supports the team leader in the planning of tasks and allocated resources, it provides accurate and realistic data on the work progress during the entire process, even concerning employees on home office.
  • Up-to-date information is available for colleagues working in the field of HR for registrybased pay-roll, it puts the performance evaluation of employees and performancebased bonus systems into a completely new perspective.


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