Payment Investigation

Project Description

If a bank transfers money on behalf of its clients, the goal is that the transfer order arrives at the destination. But what if that doesn't happen? How will you find lost transfers quickly and securely? How can you manage the error messages reliably?





This is no place for mistakes and delays are expensive!

The solution is Binarit.PaymentInvestigation application.

Benefits of application

  • well established, working System
  • processing of problematic messages is in a closed loop
  • comission will not disappear without being processed
  • using the user interface does not require any knowledge of the background IT System
  • transparent processes
  • controllable internal or external communication (Swift, e-mail, etc.)
  • built-in query templates for frequently used query types

Main functions

General properties
  • Role-based permission and responsibility management
  • Workflow management with mass workflow support
  • Deadline and transit time management and monitoring
  • Four-eye principal support
  • To-Do list, e-mail notification on incoming new tasks
  • Data and process history management and retrieval


Investigation cases
  • Manual case opening
  • Flexible searching
  • Expandable standard activities
  • Templated email sending
  • Loss accounting support
  • Swift inquiry sending possibility (MTn9n)
  • Managing linked documents
  • Attaching Swift messages


Check incoming Swift messages
  • Automatic message attachment to a specific investigation case based on reference and comment fields
  • Automatic investigation case opening based on a MTn9n message
  • Built-in blacklist management


Check sent Swift messages
  • Managing rejected SWIFTmessages (SWIFT NAK), automatic case opening
  • Managing VIBER MT012 and MT019, automatic case opening
  • MT103 – VIBER MT202 pairing and checking on HUF transactions to foreign countries
  • VIBER MT103 -VIBER MT202 pairing and checking
  • Build-in blacklist management


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